On a Mission to Keep the Internet Pretty

Project Mobile is a team of creative webdevelopers on a mission to get the web mobilized. Our clients are companies who understand the need for innovation, are aware of the mobile revolution and are eager to be the best at what they do. We take mobile serious, as we know that mobile devices are on the winning hand in the battle of the screens.

Project Mobile is location independent. With offices in Indonesia and The Netherlands we know what it is like to work remote and use the Internet for what it was intended for, communication efficiency. Providing you with the best of both worlds, affordable quality.

Meet the Crew

Bart K.

Bart K.

Technical Lead

Not afraid of human contact, but rarely seen. Bart K. is mainly hiding out in Indonesia, from where he manages the technical realisation of projects. Communication runs through Hans H; who  passes intel onto him from the Netherlands.
Hans H.

Hans H.

Project Lead

The man in the Field is known as Hans H. A smooth talker, responsible for contacting clients and acting as a translator between the client and Bart K. Based in the Netherlands, this connector plays a vital role in the organisation.

A Digital Agency

We’re a contemporary agency with a modern vision. Remote working, flexible hours, no dresscode.

Forward Thinking

We design websites for tomorrow, making sure your Online businesscard complements your business.

Problem Solvers

There is no cannot in webdesign. It might be difficult, we may have to be creative, but we will find a way.

Customer Support

If for whatever reason your website is not functioning as it was before, let us know. We will come to your aid.

Our Story

Being an Online Marketeer you often get asked to do one simple thing; get more visitors to my website. This is the easy part, but what happens after that? Too often websites don’t offer a satisfying user experience, defying the purpose of Online Marketing. We decided it was time to make the web pretty again, one site at a time.

  • User Experience 80%
  • Mobile Focus 90%
  • Professional 85%
  • Customer Satisfaction 90%