Barcelocked is an Escape Room located in the old centre of Barcelona. Escape Rooms offer a real life group experience, where the aim is to escape a room within a given timeframe by solving puzzles.

Barcelocked has taken this experience to the next level with some insane challenges, high tech riddles and nerve wrecking mysteries.

In order to let the experience begin as soon as you land on the website we have added a few mysteries in the site itself. You’ve got 60 minutes, your time starts now…

The website should combine two important elements.

First off the theme of the experience should be clearly embedded in the design. The experience should start immediately and the site should have an old look and slightly mysterious feel, but still preserve normal functionality and optimal contemporary functionality.

The second element that needs to be integrated is a high tech backend with hidden features, an easily maintainable booking form with payment integration and some front end surprises.

  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Full Screen Opening Trailer
  • Booking Form
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Various Hidden jQuery features
  • Contact From

This is close to what we want!

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