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Project (noun) – A plan or proposal for accomplishing a major undertaking

Mobiel (adj.) – capable of moving or being moved readily

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Elegant and Responsive

Responsive Design is the best reaction in the battle of the screens. By creating a website that adapts to the device it is being watched on, one creates optimal user experience.

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One Site Fits All

Responsive design means never worry about what device your visitors are using to view your website on. All our websites are optimized for all possible screen resolutions, guaranteeing perfect user experience.

Simple CMS

We develop our websites in WordPress. This is an elementary CMS in which you can easily add and edit your own content. No coding or HTML knowledge needed, just a user-friendly and straightforward interface.

Unique Finish

In order to reduce costs clients often choose to use templates. The big advantage of using templates is that we don’t have to write all the code from scratch, saving us time and clients money.

Contact 2.0

In this digital era communication can be simple and efficient. We communicate Online about projects, setup an infrastructure in the cloud, and offer the possibility of doing the intake and delivery of your project over Skype.

Better to Adapt

Every day millions of people are using the Internet on mobile devices. This means your website is being viewed on many different screens and in many different resolutions. The majority of businesses still have websites that offer no mobile friendly experience, even though research shows that consumers are willing to go to a competitor after a bad mobile experience.

* Since 1-4-2014 Google ranks websites that are mobile friendly higher in the search results.

  • Flexibility 100%
  • User Experience 90%
  • Competition 40%
  • Cost Compared to Native App 10%

Adept your presence per location. Wherever that might be.

We understand the world is getting smaller.

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